Scoring Disney/Target’s new Toy Story Commercial


Recently, I had the chance to score Target’s newest commercial titled, “Backyard Theater.” It’s the cutest little live-action interpretation of a Toy Story scene you’ll ever see! As you can see from the video, this was a very fun challenge to tackle. Initially, Disney thought they would like to hear a Randy Newman style score. (Randy was the original composer for the Toy Story franchise.) But in the end, Disney chose my second “lighter” effort to release to the public. My score consists of small metals (e.g. triangle, glockenspiel, chimes and cymbals), tambourine and woodwinds.

You know, life can be so surreal at times… As a kid, I used to stock shelves with Toy Story toys at a small town Target in middle America, but now I get the privilege to score music for Disney and Target’s commercials.

Take a watch!