Dan Brown Jr - Scoring 1108Hey 1108 fans! Over the past few nights I’ve been hard at work in the home studio scoring, “1108!” Things get really creepy the first night Dan and Christine spend in the house and I’m not holding back one bit from injecting fear and even a little wonder into this cue. Don’t worry! No Spoilers here! “There’s Something In The Kitchen,” sits at 2:43 in length, has four modulations (Fm, Dm, Bm and Am), hints at/recalls the main theme of the movie and may end up being one of the biggest orchestrations of the film.

Scoring this scene was a bit of a challenge cause it’s really 4 scenes in 1. First, the couple is awakened (in their bedroom) by ominous noises emanating from the kitchen. I start the cue with a soft bass drum hit and a cymbal scrape (mix to complement the sound design), and high strings holding a C Natural. Half of the first violins sustain while the other half tremolo. As the couple debates on what to do and fear sets in, a breathing symphony crescendos and starts to unfold.

Dan Brown Jr - Scoring 1108movie.comOnce the couple resolves to go investigate the source of the clatter, we cut to seeing them sneaking down the hallway and the cue modulates from Fm to Dm. Upon modulating, Harp, Celesta, Marimba and Choir parts slowly emerge to support the strings and set a tense yet inquisitive atmosphere and mood. When the couple reaches the end of the hallway, we modulate again to Bm. Here for a brief moment, we hear a variation of the main theme played on the Celesta as “Dan” reaches for his…Wait for it…

And that’s all for now my friends. You’re just going to have to wait and see the film to hear this cue and find out just what the heck is in that kitchen! (Or look below and she Josh Thrower a.k.a. “Dan” holding a gun… Just sayin’)


(A few sneak peeks)

1108 - Dan Brown Jr LA Composer

  1108 - Dan Brown Jr Composer 1108 - Dan Brown Jr




Instrumentation Breakdown:

Bass Drum
Full Choir
Electric Guitar

Once the movie is released, I’ll add a link to this cue here: (Music Coming Soon!)